Tumbling can help to provide a strong foundation for athletes in all sports that lasts throughout their athletic careers. Learning how the body reacts, performs, and adjusts to new and difficult challenges is a significant advantage of participating in this tumbling. Basic somersaults, cartwheels, and other aerial skills incorporate muscle memory, discipline, flexibility, and work ethic—all skills that carry over to other sports.

Athletes who have a foundation in tumbling tend to excel in both individual and team sports. It takes them less time to learn certain sport-specific movements, how to coordinate difficult positions, and in many cases rise to the top of their team or sport as a leader, simply because of their ability to control their body in a way that others recognize and want to mimic.

The discipline and work ethic learned from childhood tumbling also provide a skill learning advantage that translates well to sports like baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, cheerleading, and countless others. In fact, there is no sport in which a child who participates in tumbling doesn’t gain significant value down the line.

So even if gymnastics or cheerleading aren’t in your child’s future, any young athlete looking to get a competitive edge in their current or future sports should consider joining a tumbling class! At Champion Training Academy in Morgantown, WV, we have top-flight tumbling instructors who will help your young athlete have fun and gain a competitive advantage.