Whether a new or seasoned aerialist, we have made a space for you!

We are excited to launch our aerial silks program unlike anything ever seen in West Virginia. The program took flight on our 20 year golden anniversary, summer 2024, and we cannot wait to develop this program even further! 

Register online by going to

By booking a 4 week class packages or a 8 week package, you’ll be able to soar at a discounted rate and save money flying. When you buy the Aerial Silks 8 Week Class Package, you get one class free! All packages located in Vagaro are found under memberships. Packages are valid for a two month period.


What Do I Wear?  We recommend wearing thick leggings and a t-shirt. Silks may cause rope burn on any exposed skin.  Common areas we see rope burn include the neck, waist, and thighs. Additionally, the fabric may be uncomfortable in certain positions, specifically around the thighs, and the thicker the clothing material, the less painful it will be. 

What Do I NOT Wear? Refrain from wearing any jewelry, including rings, which could snag fabric or break during class. Do not wear jeans, belts, or any other restrictive clothing. No shoes are allowed. 

What Should I Eat Before Class? We recommend eating a light snack or meal about an hour before class. This practice burns a lot of calories, and your muscles will need energy in order to push yourself until the end of a session. 

Is There a Weight Limit? Although our silks and hardware are rated for thousands of pounds, we restrict our classes to a 250 pound weight limit. Performing certain moves amplifies the weight of an individual, so even a 100 pound person can generate over 1,000 pounds of force. 

Are There Any Age Restrictions? This program is for both children and adults, and we accept students from ages 7 and above.

Are There Any Side Effects?  Although this varies from person to person, it is common to feel light headed or nauseated when in certain positions. There are numerous health benefits to doing inversions and to spinning, but bodies typically have to acclimate to this practice before being comfortable. In order to combat this, we recommend going slowly, drinking water before class, taking frequent water breaks during class, and hydrating after class. We also recommend consulting a physician if motion sickness persists as some individuals find taking OTC medications or other consumables to be helpful.


Aerial Silks Level One: Fundamentals

Students will become familiar with inversions and basic flow sequences, and improve skills and flexibility. This course is required in order to be eligible for Advanced Drops and Flow. Successful completion of this level will include completion of the following skills: spinning, inversion, star drops, and standing/heel hang.

  • Pre-Requisite: None
  • Date/Time: Thursdays, 7:30 PM
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Aerial Silks Level Two: Advanced Drops and Flow

Upon completion of Fundamentals and/or skill check offs, students will learn advanced moves, such as drops and flow sequences. Students should be comfortable with standing in the hammock and performing basic drops before beginning this course.

  • Pre-Requisite: Skills Check Off
  • Date/Time: TBD
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Aerial Yoga Flow

This course will focus on various aspects of yoga while utilizing the aerial sling apparatus. Each week will rotate through emphasis on breath work, deep stretching, grounding, drishti, and more.

  • Pre-Requisite: None
  • Date/Time: Saturdays, 10 am
  • Duration: 60 minutes


Available at request and instructor availability.


Open Gym

Come practice your art in a fun, secure space.

  • Date/Time: 60 minutes
  • Duration: TBD

Flight Duos – Daddy Daughter/Mommy and Me

A Workshop focused on fun and play featuring flips, tricks, and partner aerial yoga.

  • Pre-Requisite: None
  • Date/Time: TBD
  • Duration: TBD